Three-year Optics Course

Istituto Politecnico Keplero has been training Opticians and Optometrists since 1977 providing a high quality educational programme, which guarantees a job almost at the 100%, in the short period. The programme is suitable both to those who want quickly start working and to who is already working within the optics field and wish to improve their skills.

The acquisition of the title allows to work in the following fields:

  • Business (managing one’s own optician’s shop or work as an employee);
  • Healthcare (work as an employee in private or public health institutes);
  • Industry (work as an employee in the productive, control or trade role for companies in this field).

The student must have passed the third year of any high-school.
The course is composed of three school years from October to June, full days from Monday to Wednesday. For all students who also work or have specific needs there is a Customised Didactic Programme.
Lessons will take place at the operative headquarters of Istituto Politecnico Keplero in Termoli (CB), in Via Tremiti, 5.
According to M.D. 28.10.1992 we issue the specialisation licence for Opticians in Optometry, after passing the final exam.
The title has validity in Italy and in all EU countries; it is valid also in all non-EU countries where there is a mutual validity for the same licence.
Lessons are divided into lectures and practice:

Specific subjects:
  • Optometry practices;
  • Contactology practices;
  • Ophthalmic lenses practices;
  • Optics and Lab;
  • Anatomy, eye pathophysiology and ophthalmic measurements lab.

Accessory subjects:
  • Commercial law, social regulation and commercial practice;
  • Physics;
  • Marketing;
  • Lecture and practice in communication;
  • Safety in the workplace L.D. 81/2008;
  • First Aid.

The programme includes educational training at optician’s shops.
At the end of the course the student will be able to:
  • Choose the best corrective solution for the client;
  • Execute the eye refraction where allowed;
  • Prepare di eye glasses, make the related controls and potential repairing;
  • Face potential problems connected to use and maintenance of the optical tools;
  • Put into practice the law and apply the knowledges in management methods;
  • Know the regulations about safety in the workplace.
There will be four-month tests (written, oral and practical) on each subject during each school year. At the end of the second school year there will be the Qualifying Examination with a Committee named according to the M.D. 28.10.1992.
Teachers are professionals with many years of experience in this course.
Not considered.
Foreign students should have a good knowledge of Italian (level A2) that will be reinforced through additional lessons.


Please, call +39 0875 85410, or send an e-mail to our CONTACT FORM or download the APPLICATION from the following link:

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